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You've got questions, we've got answers!

You've got questions, we've got answers!  If your questions is not listed, we are only a phone call away and happy to help!

Call 613-267-0078
or e-mail us anytime
  • Do you have a price list available?
    On standard work, yes, we do have a price list. Check it out under the "PRODUCTS" page for INSTORE and for ONLINE PRINTSHOP However, most of our jobs are customized projects requiring specific methods of production. In these instances, we will be happy to give you an instant estimate based on your particular specifications. Call 613-267-0078. Or e-mail
  • Can I get a custom quote?
    All our estimates are done right away! We would love to talk to you. 613-267-0078 All prices could vary and depend on: - quantity - size - turnaround time - type of stock, - set up and design effort ​ We always have discounts for our regular customers. We support fundraising for our community. We are very flexible in getting the best offer and result based on your budget or time frame. Please, talk to us, we an surprise you with great solution! 613-267-0078
  • Can you assist in creating a design for me?
    If you can picture it, we can design it. Our graphic designers can create anything from a simple direct mail piece or newsletter to a complete product brochure. We will work with you during every phase of the project, helping you to select paper stock, ink colors, graphics and fonts to create a piece that will make you stand out from your competition. If you prefer to set up/design yourself - here are couple of questions you might have: We will be happy to send you the template for your design! Also we have 1000+free templates that you can use and customize when you go to our ONLINE PRINTSHOP at
  • What file formats are preferred for printing?
    PREFERRED: PDF 300 dpi with 1/8" bleed to sides ACCEPTABLE: tif, jpeg, bitmap PDF NOT GOOD: doc, docs, pages, ppt, made for web images 72 ppi
  • Should I save in RGB or CMYK?
    CMYK for large quantities, RGB for less then 1000 prints.
  • What resolution should my file be?
    The preferred resolution for images and artwork is 300DPI.
  • Is there a size limit for sending artwork?
    We ask that all artwork files have a maximum file size of 100 megabytes. This is to ensure that there are no delays in your turnaround due to file retrieval and processing time. You can e-mail us you files up to 15 mb as an attachment directly to For files larger then 15 mb upload and share with us through ( no registration required) or ( registration required)
  • How can I send files to be printed?
    Via E-mail ( limit up to 10 MB). For larger files we accept print ready files through FTP using DropBox software,, CD or USB drive
  • Should my file have a bleed?
    Ensure 1/8” bleed is included in your file. A 1/8” bleed is required on all four sides of your artwork ( or 0.25” all around) Bleed is extended artwork on all sides of the artwork to allow for cutter variance. Items such as background and design elements should always extend out of the trim margin. Failing to provide bleed information can result in the printed product showing a thin area of white on the edge. If your file does not consist of bleed this can result in delaying the completion of your job.
  • What are safe margins?
    All important text and images must be within the safe margin (1/16” away from trim mark). Safe Margins are 1/16” away from the cut line. Safe margins are guidelines that help you keep important elements of your design away from the edge of your artwork in order that text and images will not be cut off.
  • Are borders acceptable?
    For products such as business cards, we would recommend customers to avoid borders. If the border is too close to the cutline, it may results in the final product to be off-centre slightly.
  • How do I setup multi-page booklets?
    Multi-page booklets are a little more complex to design. Here are rules to follow when creating your Multipage booklet: • Page counts start on the cover as page 1, inside cover as page 2 and so on. • Total bleed is .25” and total Safety is .5”. For example, an 8.5x11 booklet with bleed should be 8.75x11.25 total. This allows us to set up your crossovers properly. NO SPREADSHEETS.
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